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The new sheet set

Two separate sheets are the past. One connected sheet is the future. Faster and easier. Attached across the bottom and up each side only 6”. It’s simple to find the bottom of the sheet set. Put the sheets on your bed as usual, but without any hassle.

One step instead of two!

The top sheet automatically tucks in as you put on the fitted sheet with a perfect hospital corner that stays securely in place all night while still allowing natural movement. Never fold a fitted sheet again. It folds inside the flat sheet. With a bag to place the sheet set in, everything is neatly together in the linen closet ready for its next use.

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White Sheet


White Sheet



“My guilt at being labeled a ‘sheet thief’ has been absolved! No longer do I accidentally steal a sheet from my wife in the middle of the night and no longer does she direct me to use a separate one. With the sheet secured at the bottom, we share a single sheet in bliss.”

– David S.

“I love these sheets! They are a genius invention. For so many years my boys would push the top sheet down with their feet and inevitably make a mess of their comforter so that it had to be washed constantly. These fabulous sheets do not allow that to happen saving my sanity and my water bill! I absolutely adore them!”

– Beth M.



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