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Tame Your Bed

Who among us doesn’t hate fitted sheets?  They’re difficult to put on correctly, and sometimes even when you get them on the right way, they pop off as you pull them up to tuck them in at the other corners, and let’s not even talk about FOLDING a fitted sheet; nightmare!  Since I’ve had my Bed Simply Made sheets, I have tamed the bed!  I always know which way the sheets go on the bed because I only have to find the end where they’re sewn together, and make sure the fitted sheet is underneath the top sheet.  You can start at the top or the bottom, I usually start at the bottom, and the top sheet tucks right under the corners easily because they’re sewn together!  And, it makes such a perfect ‘hospital corner’, I know my Grandmother, who taught me how to make the bed as a child, would be proud.  Then, I pop the top of the fitted sheet up to the top corners of the bed and just pull up the top sheet.  SIMPLE, FAST AND EASY! 

No longer do I dread changing the bed and the weekly struggle of wrestling with sheets.  Because I know I can put the sheets on in under a minute, it’s not a ‘chore’.  In fact, I’m excited that I’ll be sleeping between fresh, clean sheets later that night! 

Best of all, after I wash them (I have multiple sets of Bed Simply Made sheets), I can just fold the fitted sheet inside the flat sheet since they’re attached.  No more thinking evil thoughts about  Martha Stewart explaining how to fold a sheet as I struggle with it and then give up and wad it into a ball.  Best of all, with the bag sold with the sheets, I can put it all back in together with the pillowcases and they’re ready for next week!  My linen closet even looks neat and tidy. 


I have tamed my bed!  VICTORY IS MINE….

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