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Parents are Busier Than Ever!

Parents are Busier Than Ever!

Now that parents are working from home and are in charge of their children's schooling, plus everything else we do to keep a household running, life has changed.  Time is more valuable than ever!  Anything that can make life easier is a necessity.  

Wouldn't if be great if your children could easily learn to make and change their own beds?  In this new era, with kids home more than ever, teaching life skills is as important as getting their homework done. 

At Bed Simply Made, we’ve created a set of sheets that is so simple and easy to use, you can make a bed from a completely stripped mattress to sheets on and tucked in perfectly in under 1 minute.   Children as young as 4 can easily make their own beds, and at 7 or 8, even change their beds!

How.... you ask?  We’ve pulled down the top sheet 6 inches and attached the sheets across the bottom and up each side 6 inches to make a perfect hospital corner. We even give you a bag to store your sheets and pillow cases together easily in the linen closet.

Every little thing that makes life easier adds value to your day.  With our sheets, you can start the day off easily with your children making their own beds.  Have a cup of coffee and take a deep breath, you now have an extra 5 minutes!

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