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Today, our world feels less comfortable and less safe than ever.   What we all need is more comfort and more understanding.  From our neighbors down the street, to our parents down the block... everyone needs a sense of well being more than ever in this world.  

I know that juggling children and school, along with work, daily household chores in every day life is a struggle during the best of times.  Add a pandemic, social unrest, the fact that many children are now dependent upon parents for homeschooling, all of the regular ups and downs life brings, and you get STRESS!  

Stress hurts our immune system.  Stress makes us feel "off";  we're all struggling.  And, our children are struggling right along with us.  We have no idea what our current situation will mean in the long term for anyone, young... old.... or anyone in between.  But, what we DO know, is that good friends, reaching out to those who need us, and reaching out to others when we need help, is invaluable.

Find comfort in comforting those you love...  Check on a neighbor (with your mask on), call your parents, make sure those you love are okay.  All these things are proactive ways to ensure your own happiness, because happiness comes from within.  From being a good friend, to being kind to others and listening to those who are having a difficult time, you are making a real difference in the world we live in right now.  

My wish is that we all find comfort in the little things.  Sometimes, we find the little things that we've overlooked to be the most precious.  Perhaps, this time has given us the presence to find comfort where we least expected it.  

Until the day we all feel safe again, please reach out to others if you feel alone.  This is a world of uncertainty, but with certainty I can say, we all will come out of this stronger and better than we were before.  I've experienced loss from this pandemic myself, but I know that there is an end to this, and that we will all be okay if we continue to take care of one another.  

Show others you truly care.... it's what we all need today more than ever.  Give comfort and caring, wear your mask, and spread the love!  


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