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Who Makes The Bed Better?

Who Makes The Bed Better?

I'm curious... I have two children, a boy and a girl.  Who makes the bed more neatly, quickly, and without cajoling or threatening from Mom or Dad?

When my children were little we started moving almost every two years for my husband's work.  Selling a house by myself with a job AND the two kids alone (he would already have started his new job before we got there) was crazy!  Needless to say, my poor kiddos had to learn to make a bed by the time they were in Kindergarten and 1st Grade every single day.  

To the kids, it was just their "normal" responsibility before they came down for school.  In most families we're too tired to worry about something that basic.  In fact, I'm sure I wouldn't have prioritized it as I did had we not been moving all the time!  But, if I knew the kids had make their beds themselves, it took one more chore off my to-do list.  

When we finally settled in a home in the Dallas area, I never stopped asking them to make their beds.  (Frankly, if they'd looked at my bed they would have been very disappointed in their mother.... )  Now, bed making is just the first task of the day - a job completed and done well.  It's served both the children well in life as they went off to college and then to live on their own after.  

But, to get back to the original question, it shocked me, but my son was much better at it than my daughter!  In her defense, she had about 50 stuffed animals on her bed to "arrange" before any real work on the actual bed could be completed.  My son had one special animal, and it took him about 3 minutes to do a good job on his bed and get downstairs!  (When he forgets to take out the garbage or doesn't offer to load the dishwasher, I should remind him about how responsible he used to be!)

Needless to say, I would wind up in my daughter's room, hurrying her along every morning while my son was picking out all the marshmallows out from her Lucky Charms cereal.... 

So, at the end of the day, I have to vote for boys!  Congratulations!!!

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