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Tend Your Garden, Stay In Bed!

Tend Your Garden, Stay In Bed!

It’s hard to believe that Fall is right around the corner. As the air starts to get cooler and the hectic holidays lurk around the corner, I am reminded of some things that bring me comfort: hot cocoa by the fireplace, snuggling up with a good book in bed, filling the kitchen with the smell of warm baked cookies, and gathering a batch of fresh vegetables from my garden.  

Like a garden that needs to be tended, taking care of family and friends has become more important than ever. Our houses are filled with children who are remote learning, parents now call home a workplace, and shopping has become an online sport! Making life easier is not just a luxury, it’s a must. 

I looked around my house recently and noticed that even though we have more people home now, we use fewer rooms. The kitchen and bedrooms have become where we congregate, sleep, work and regroup. While the lure of my comfy couch curled up with Sammy, my chihuahua, never disappoints, I find myself drawn to my comfy bed. Without the need to shuffle kids off to school or to get ready for work, there is the ability to stay in bed just a little longer. 

Memories of my kids jumping into my bed in the morning (and jumping on my bed) are some of my greatest.  Why not add something that will make everyone’s day start off with a little less stress. Our patent pending sheet design is the perfect way to keep a little more organization in this very chaotic world. The saying “you reap what you sow” means more now than ever before. At Bed Simply Made, you reap what we “SEW”: Quality, Comfort, And Trust.

Time to go tend my garden after I finally decide to get out of my comfy bed!

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